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How Can I Get Cheap Last Minute Flight Tickets?

30 Nov, 2021 Category: Travel tips Author: Travomint

How Can I Get Cheap Last Minute Flight Tickets?

You can get the last minute plane tickets within 14 days of the scheduled departure. The booking amount of the last minute flights may vary according to the destination. In few cases, booking the flights in the week of the departure may cost you less and at the same time it may cost you huge amount in some other flights.

The airlines offer discounts on last minute deals to attract more number of passengers. These last minute deals are a result of the tickets cancelled by the passengers a few days prior to the flight. The airlines fill these vacant seats.

The rules to get cheap last minute plane tickets varies in different airlines. Generally the last minute deals can be availed up to 2 hours from the scheduled departure

How to Get Benefits Through Last Minute Deals?

It is better if you plan your dates with a bit flexibility so that you can get cheap tickets easily. The more flexible you are the cheaper tickets you can get. Being flexible in your travel dates gives you a lot of options which can be used in getting the tickets at lowest price possible.

  • You can also get better fare options if you find last minute flights for one seat at a time. This method is adopted when you are travelling with more passengers. The search engine does not support for group of tickets as it shall directly display the amount multiplied by the number of passengers without leaving any chance of comparison and compensation.
  • Never book for a round trip whenever you try to get cheap last minute plane tickets. Make separate bookings for the outbound and inbound trip. This could save your money as the fare of different airlines varies in the last minute deals as well. Booking for each leg of flight separately saves your money and you can book cheap tickets easily.
  • There are times when the prices of economy tickets are equal to business class tickets. In this case you do not need to be hell bent on buying economy class tickets in last minute flights because if your trip is necessary and the ticket price is same then you can surely enjoy your trip in business class.
  • If the ticket are too high for you them you can try ‘the hidden city method’ but the airlines can penalize you if you are caught doing such a thing intentionally. ‘Hidden city tickets’ denotes booking a flight with a layover i.e. the connection point where the passengers stop flying. These kinds of bookings are usually cheaper as compared to regular flights. This method is more prevalent in European nations.
  • Try your best to book your tickets at least 21 days before the scheduled trip to get cheap last minute plane tickets because the booking software works in a unified manner and any booking with less than 21 days gap is treated as last minute deal. This results in high booking charges. 
  • You can use your ‘frequent flier miles’ by calling the customer care even if the website and mobile application shows full occupancy of seats.

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