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How do I Get a Refund from Vistara Airlines?

20 Aug, 2021 Category: Travel tips Author: Travomint

Vistara refund policy

Vistara refund process is a simple procedure, To know how to get a refund from Vistara you need to get in touch with the airlines in order to get a refund. The canceled tickets shall no longer keep you busy in haggling with the refund process. It has formulated a very simple structure that shall keep you out of trouble. This process shall get itself initiated as soon as the tickets get canceled.

The refund policy of Vistara is framed in a very simple manner so as to get a refund. The cancellation of the ticket must fulfill the following conditions-

  • As per the Vistara refund process, the passenger must possess a partially or totally unutilized ticket.
  • To get a refund from Vistara the ticket must be within the validity period i.e. within one year of the expiry of the ticket
  • As per the Vistara refund policy, the tickets need to be within 15 months from the date of issue or should have an expiry of 3 months in order to get a refund
  • The tickets must fulfill the condition of being booked within 15 months of the date of cancellation

In case of any kind of inconvenience in ‘how to get a refund from Vistara,’ you can get the information or tutorial regarding refund policy from the following sources-

  • Vistara customer service
  • Official mail id
  • Chatbot
  • Social platforms
  • Help desk available on the official Vistara airlines

Vistara refund policy provides you refund on canceled tickets if you fulfill all the parameters of the Vistara refund process. To get a refund from Vistara you can initiate the process in the following ways-

The refund policy of Vistara makes for getting your amount spent in booking the tickets back so that you may book your ticket back as soon as you are able to prepare your flight chart again

  • Company website
  • Mobile application
  • Ticket counter in case of manual operation
  • The agent or agency from where the tickets were booked

How to get a refund from Vistara airways

Vistara's refund policy does not make you run here and there regarding payment of refund. Vistara refund process has drafted very simple and clear rules regarding the same so that the passengers feel convenient and do not pamper around in case of any kind of trouble. Vistara airlines provide a refund in the following ways-

  1. Cash
  2. Credit card
  3. Debit card


Vistara airlines accept cash payment only when the booking is done from the airport counter. If such a case arises where cash booking gets redeemed for a refund the airlines endorse a cheque in favor of the person on whose name the tickets were booked and delivers it to the address mentioned at booking time.

Credit card-

If the passenger had used a credit card at the time of payment, then as per the Vistara refund process the refund shall be initiated in the account attached to the credit card automatically. If the passenger wishes to get the refund from Vistara in some other account, he shall have to bring it in writing from the bank to which the credit card belongs

Debit card-

If the debit card is being used for payment, the airlines shall refund the amount in the bank account of the debit card automatically. This is the simplest process that must be preferred by the passengers.

Time is taken for the refund

Vistara refund policy makes every attempt to provide the refund as soon as possible as it increases its credibility among the passengers

The normal time taken for refund is-

Cash payment                -         Immediate refund

Debit card payment        -         Immediate refund

Credit card Payment       -         minimum 20 days


  • The passengers cannot endorse open tickets. You need to get in touch with the nearest office
  • Cancellation of one seat in group booking shall lead to cancellation of all the seats.

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