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Can You Cancel an Already Booked Flight?

01 Dec, 2022 Category: Travel tips Author: Travomint

Can You Cancel an Already Booked Flight?

If you plan to go somewhere and have already booked a flight ticket with a different destination, you can cancel your booked flight or make changes. But, before you cancel your ticket, there are some policies that you need to know and follow them to get the refund. Below are the following that mentioned you have to read the article to understand and follow them correctly:-

Steps to cancel the flight ticket that has already been booked:-

Here are the following step that you have to follow to cancel a plane ticket that you have already reserved and follow the below steps correctly:-

  • First of all, you have to navigate to the official website of the airline and then access the login account by entering the correct credential. 
  • Now, you have to go to the manage booking options and enter all the information that is related to the flight booking. 
  • Then, scroll down the contact page till the end, and then you can see the cancelation button and tap on that. 
  • When you click the cancel button, your flight ticket is successfully canceled. 
  • Lastly, you will receive the confirmation message of cancellation on your registered email address and contact number.

Policies for flight cancellation:-

If you want flight ticket cancellation then before that, you have to know about all the policies, and below are the following mentioned:-

  • If you are willing to cancel your flight ticket, then cancel that within the 24 hours of booking to get a full refund from the airline. And if you fail to cancel within 24 hours, then you have to pay all the charges that apply to your ticket.
  • The cancelation policies are applied if you book the flight ticket through the online website or the contact number of customer services and the airplane kiosk. 
  • The charges that are applied in the cancellation fees depend on flight routes, destination, time & date of the flight, and many other things.
  • When you don’t cancel the flight ticket within the time of the departure, then the airline charges you as a no-show passenger. 
  • You will get a refund through the same process that you applied when you made the reservation for your ticket. 

Cancelation charges for the airlines:-

When you are cancelling airline tickets, then there are some charges that they applied, and below are the following that you have to verify and pay the charges:-

  • If you cancel the flight within the 24 hours or the given time frame, then there are no charges to pay. 
  • If you cancel the ticket within 90 to 31 days before departure, then you have to pay the 15% of the fare. 
  • When you cancel the ticket within 30 days of departure, then you have to pay the charges that applied are 29%. 

Hope that all the information that is mentioned in this article regarding can you can an already booked flight will be advantageous and beneficial for you. If there is any problem or you face any issues while canceling, then you can directly connect with the customer representative and fix all of the problems. Also, to get more information related to this airline then, check out our other articles and follow the procedure. 

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