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Flights from bengaluru (BLR) to delhi (DEL)

Airport NameBengaluru InternationalIndira Gandhi International
City NameBengaluruNew Delhi
Continent NameAsiaAsia
  • 25 Sep, 2023

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Plan to travel from Bengaluru to Delhi

The National Capital provides you glitch-free connectivity to almost all the places in India. It also provides rapid flights to the IT hub i.e. Bengaluru through a number of airlines. Bengaluru has one of the fines airline services in India. The airport is laden with top-class facilities so that the passengers do not get into any kind of trouble even if they are not willing to contact any authority.

All the provisions are so liberally disbursed that the glitches in imparting them are the least. The travel traffic includes Businessmen, Entrepreneurs, and travel enthusiasts. The flight exchanges between the two cities provide relief to the frequent travelers who saved their time because if not airlines then it shall take more than 24 hours in reaching Delhi and a lot of trouble along the way

The flights are operated on a timely basis between Kempegowda International Airport (BLR) and Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL) in the format of non-stop flights and 1 stop or 2 stop flights. Normally it takes 2 hours and 45 minutes to reach Delhi through a non-stop flight. Air Vistara, Air India, Go Air, Indigo, SpiceJet provide rapid flights as per the requirement of the passengers. These two destinations never face a shortage of passengers due to the entrepreneurial and historical importance shared by both places.

Direct Flights (BLR- DEL)

There are rapid non-stop flights between the two destinations which end up saving you ample time. Flights are 24 hours round the clock to facilitate the passengers. Businessmen, entrepreneurs, and travel enthusiast can book their flights at any point in time at their convenience. As passengers, you get the opportunity to get the experience of world-class facilities due to the competition in the aviation sector as the airlines try to prove themselves better options than the others.

It is always advisable to book your tickets early as the late time bookings often attract higher fares and some trouble for the availability of seats. The early reservations help you escape these unnecessary glitches and you can just relax with 60-90 day advance booking already in hand. The advance bookings are a nice experience to have and you benefit a lot from them.

The online bookings facilitate you with all the options wide open as it is not so that these advance bookings cannot be canceled or any other restriction in place. The cancellation is of two kinds – either the airline cancels the ticket itself or you cancel it due to any genuine reason. These cancellations have the following outcomes-

If the airline cancels the tickets without any prior notice or completely at its discretion, it provides a refund in full amount without deducting any kind of charges


As the airline canceled the ticket, it is their responsibility to provide you an alternate flight if they are not proving a refund of the booking amount

The role of Travomint cannot be concised to a particular spot. Our working sphere does not accumulate to suggestions only. We work as a full-fledged travel agency. We provide you the facility of online booking; you can check the status of your booking and cancel the tickets if such a situation arises. We take full responsibility for the smooth trip if you book the tickets through us. Hundreds of satisfying customers can vouch for our relentless services. We keep in touch with you through the live person who maintains coordination with the airlines on your behalf.

Flights Operating Between Bengaluru and Delhi

IndiGo -

Bengaluru to Delhi:

Non-stop flights: 7.50 AM, 9.40 AM, 2.35 PM, 5.40 PM, 6.35 PM, 9.30 PM, 12.55 PM

1 stop flights: 5.45 AM, 7.10 AM, 7.30 AM, 12.05 PM, 2.50 PM, 3.00 PM, 4.25 PM, 6.25 PM, 6.50 PM

SpiceJet -

Bengaluru to Delhi:

Non-stop flights: 6.05 AM, 7.10 PM, 9.50 PM

1 stop flights: 5.55 AM, 9.40 AM, 9.50 AM, 2.10 PM, 3.50 PM, 6.05 PM

AirAsia -

Bengaluru to Delhi:

Non-stop flights: 11.25 AM, 7.30 PM, 10.10 PM

1 stop flights: 5.00 AM, 5.35 AM, 5.45 AM, 7.10 AM, 7.25 AM, 9.15 AM, 11.50 AM, 12.55 PM, 2.40 PM, 4. 15 PM

Air India -

Bengaluru to Delhi:

Non-stop: 6.10 AM, 10.25 AM, 1.20 PM, 5.45 PM,

1 stop flights: 9.30 PM

2 stop flights: 10.00 AM

GoAir -

Bengaluru to Delhi:

Non-stop: 7.45 AM, 8.20 PM, 9.00 PM

1 stop: 4.50 AM, 8.20 AM, 2.55 PM, 4.20 PM, 10.00 PM

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Airlines charge according to the number of passengers available in the buffer zone. The off-season flights are noticed announcing heavy discounts on their flights to keep the passengers intact. There is a slight lump in the fare prices but the season period witness a rise in prices. In that situation also provide a comparable chart helping you choose an economic flight be it off-season or in-season. Our website presents you the minute details which may prove helpful and beneficial at the time of making online reservations.

In general conditions, a flight from Bengaluru to Delhi costs you about INR 2700 and the fare may go as high as INR 59000when the footfall of the passengers increase or the in-season period- whatever you prefer to call it.

Flight booking through Travomint

Travomint observes the situation minutely and keeps a close eye on the fluctuations in the fair prices and any other modifications beneficial or important for the passengers. Our website is always updated with all such modifications and changes and we also successfully prepare the fare chart on a real-time basis. This helps you to grab the best deal on your desired destination route. The following process assists you in booking the ticket on Travomint -

  • Travomint provides a separate API for booking tickets. Get access to the booking API
  • Select among the options of one way or round trip
  • Provide your details of departing and arriving stations
  • Enter the final date of your trip
  • Enter the details of the passengers boarding the flight
  • Select the flights appropriate for your journey from among the list provided on the webpage
  • Make the final payment through debit or credit card and get your tickets downloaded

Facilities at Delhi Airport

  • Free Wi-Fi on the airport campus
  • Medicinal Care to the needy passengers as per requirement
  • Separate prayer rooms as per the requirement of the passengers
  • ATMs to assist you in withdrawing cash in case you need any
  • Counter for Foreign Currency Exchange for International travelers
  • Hotel around the airport for the passengers to lodge

Facilities at Bengaluru Airport

  • 24*7 free Wi-Fi for the incoming and outbound passengers
  • Rooms for baby care to facilitate the guardians
  • Smoking Lounge away from the main passenger area
  • Channel of local Connectivity
  • Baggage accommodation counter
  • The facility of wheelchairs for the handicapped and aged people

Famous places:

In Delhi:

The Red Fort, India Gate, Qutub Minar, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, The Lotus Temple, Jama Masjid, Humayun's Tomb, Akshardham, Purana Qila, Rajpath and Rashtrapati Bhawan, Gandhi smriti and Mahatma Gandhi memorial, The Jantar Mantar observatory, and many more

In Bengaluru:

Lalbag Botanical garden, Bannerghatta National Park, The majestic Bangalore palace, Cubbon Park, Innovative Film City, Tipu Sultan Palace, Lumbini Gardens, ISKCON Temple, Wonderla amusement park, Vidhana Soudha houses, Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum, Nandi Hills, Ulsoor Lake, and many others

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