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Flights from ahmedabad (AMD) to goa (GOI)

Airport NameGoa InternationalSardar Vallabhbhai Patel International
City NameGoaAhmedabad
Continent NameAsiaAsia

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Plan travel from the Manchester of India to the Pearl of the orient

Ahmedabad and Goa, both cities, are on the top of the wish list of travel enthusiasts due to their attractive site seeing and historical aspects. Ahmedabad was the first city to get the status of the cultural heritage city of India due to its rich architectural heritage. Ahmedabad is built on the banks of the river Sabarmati and has always been attractive for tourists. It is also home to world-famous cotton textile mills and the diamond cutting industry.

Goa, on the other hand, is one of the most famous travel destinations in India. Large numbers of tourists are always fond of visiting Goa to spend some time on the sandy beaches and cuisines. Industrialists and businessmen visit the city of Ahmedabad quite often due to their business needs. The travel enthusiasts travel to the city to see the historical monuments for which Ahmedabad has earned its name worldwide.  

Rapid flights between the two cities connect Ahmedabad and Goa, so you shall never feel inconvenience in traveling between the two cities at any time. It takes approximately 2 hours to travel between Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport (AMD) and Goa International Airport (GOI). Go Air, Indigo, Air India, SpiceJet, and Vistara are among a few airlines providing their services on the route of Ahmedabad to Delhi.

Direct Flights (AMD- GOI)

There are direct flights between Ahmedabad and Goa at regular intervals. You can cover the distance in a short span of 2 hours through direct flights. You also get world-class services and amenities on the flights while traveling between the two cities. The airline companies take proper care to land you at your destination at the promised time not to face any trouble.  

Travomint keeps you posted with the latest modifications on the Ahmedabad –Goa route, and you can get any information regarding flight timings, fares, or flight schedules from the website itself. All the charts and comparisons are displayed on the website, which makes you more comfortable, and you can decide which flight shall be more beneficial for you.

Flights Operating Between Ahmedabad and Goa Are:

IndiGo -

Ahmedabad to Goa:

Non-stop flights: 6.50 AM, 1.05 PM, 7.25 PM,  

1 stop flights: 7.05 AM, 7.20 AM, 9.30 AM, 9.45 PM, 11.35 PM, 11.55 AM, 1.15 PM, 3.10 PM,    

SpiceJet -

Ahmedabad to Goa:

Non-stop flights: 12.05 PM

1 stop flights:  no flights

AirAsia -

Ahmedabad to Goa:

Non- stop flights: no flights

1 stop flights: no flights

Air India -

Ahmedabad to Goa:

Non-stop flights: no flights

1 stop flights: 6.50 PM

2 stop flights: no flights

GoAir -

Ahmedabad to Goa:

Non-stop flights: 3.50 PM                 

1 stop flights:  9.10 AM, 9.25 AM, 11.00 AM, 6.55 PM, 7.55 PM, 10.20 PM

Vistara -

Ahmedabad to Goa:

Non-stop: no flights              

1 stop flights: 8.40 AM

2 stops flights: 8.40 AM, 10.55 AM

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The flights operating on Ahmedabad to Goa route may cost you INR 3000, and the maximum fare may reach up to INR 18000.

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Facilities at Ahmedabad Airport

  • The facility of the Internet at all the lounges
  • Medical facility at both the terminals
  • no facility for luggage storage
  • counter for lost baggage
  • The facility of ATMs to withdraw cash

Facilities at Goa Airport

  • No charges for the use of the Internet
  • No charges for service of lounges cum restaurants at the airport
  • Facility for currency exchange for international passengers
  • The facility of banks and ATMs at the airport
  • Wheelchair for needy passengers

Places to visit in Ahmedabad:

Gandhi Ashram: Ahmedabad has been the epitome of the Indian Independence movement. The establishment of Gandhi Ashram by Mahatma Gandhi, with multiple campaigns of civil disobedience started from this Ashram justifies the fact. The Ashram provides a tour of the freedom struggle. It has preserved the history of Gandhi as it was once home to Mahatma Gandhi and his wife, Kastuba. Dandi March and other freedom struggle movements were started from this place. The Ashram remains open the whole year. 

Different pictures from the personal life of Mahatma Gandhi have been located on every wall. The letters written by him can be found to know more about the man. Being a historical place, it has some of the ashram's other structures: Upasana Mandir, Magan Niwas, Vinoba, Nandini, and Kutir.

Adalaj Step-well: In the previous eras the step-well or ponds used to be built in the dry regions in between the trading routes. It was authorized by Queen Rudabai, the wife of Rana Veer Singh from the Vaghela Dynasty. He ruled a small kingdom called Dandai Desh. It is a five-storey stepwell with multiple deities engraved all over its walls. It will give a tour of beautiful architectural abilities without any technology and introduce cultural phenomena. There is a temple as well that is located at the entrance of Vav. The temperature of the step well always remains 6 degrees lower than the temperature outside. The octagonal-shaped stepwell has been dug deep to store enough water that can be used during the shortage of water, with three entrance stairs and windows on the first floor that will be impressive for travelers to witness. 

Kankaria Lake: Located in Maninagar, the lake is an entertainment package for all age groups. It has the perfect view for a romantic date best place for the kids to enjoy, with a number of entertainment spots such as the kid’s city, toy train, zoo, water-based and hot air balloon rides, etc. It is the largest lake in Ahmedabad. It has been recently reconstructed by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, making it more attractive for tourists. Every year, at the end week of December, a carnival festival is celebrated around the Lake, which puts life in it. 

Hutheesingh Jain Temple: A prosperous trader wished to build a Jain Temple but could not complete the task as he died at the age of 49. His third wife supervised the construction, and it was completed in two years. The temple was named after the trader. This architectural masterpiece was built in white marble. The chief architect of the Temple was Premcand Salat, who accommodated 238 images and 21 yantras engraved on the walls of the Temple. The notable thing about the area is the 78-foot-high Manasthamba. A visit to this place will enhance the cultural knowledge and add some spirituality to the trip. 

Auto World Vintage Car Museum: With the cultural, traditional, and spiritual tour travelers can have the modern age phenomena in Ahmedabad city. This place is to explore the amazing collection of Vintage cars, motorcycles, horse carriages, etc. All the motor enthusiasts will have the best time here, where they will explore the acknowledge about the vintage and classic car models. The Museum has the rarest models that cannot be witnessed anywhere else such as Austin, Jaguar, Bentley, Lagonda, Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Cadillac, and Auburns. This antique collection of cars ranging from 1906 to 1954 has attracted visitors and left them with a worth remembering experience. 

Siddi Sayyed Mosque: The urge to witness what seemed impossible for the people from 1572-73 AD created a widespread idea of how skilled these artisans were. This can be witnessed by the Tree of Life window with its intertwined branches or the jali (mesh) windows that make the mosque stand out. The last Sultanate built the mosque, and then the place was invaded by the Mughals. To represent the Islamic culture, the complex has been built in domes. These sacred complexes have been built with yellow sandstone and covered with mesh. This impressive work of art was believed to be done by 45 skilled craftsmen.

Bai Harir-ni-Vav: The stepwell used to be created to collect the rainwater so there would be no water shortage. This beautiful piece of art was built under the supervision of Sultan Begada’s harem and has five stoned column levels with two wells. The travelers find the depths of the well always cool, no matter how hot it is outside. This was the reason that the stepwell had been a shelter for villagers, travelers, and animals that provided them water. There are inscriptions on the wall in Sanskrit and Persian that tell about the legend of the monument. The travelers can have the experience of exploring the Stepwell with the cold temperature it offers with architectural expertise.

Sabarmati Riverfront: This is one of the most famous tourist spots even though it is recently that the place started welcoming tourists. Only limited places on the Riverfront have been opened to tourists and visitors, but its limited nature and beautiful view have impressed travelers. The Riverfront is home to several bird species, such as Egrets, Bronze Wing Jacana, Flamingos, Heron, Purple Sunbird, Shelduck, Lapwings, Grey Francolin, Shikras, Rosy Starlings, Grey Headed Swamphen, etc. The Riverfront also provides some basic facilities from seating arrangements to public washrooms, elevator access, and boating services with 31 Ghats. This is something that cannot be missed when in Ahmedabad.

The Science City: The main purpose behind this city's establishment was to educate the modern-age masses about the new ideas emerging in Science and introduce them to the magic that can be created. The city knows science with a mixture of entertainment. With some contemporary exhibitions of labs, working models, virtual reality, and activity corners, a basic understanding of science and technology will be provided to the common people. A visit to the Science City will be an interesting one with all the fun and learning.

Law Garden: To complete the trip, shopping is a must, especially when the colors and traditional attires of Ahmedabad are famous. Law Garden Night Market has everything to offer, from vibrant colors to funky and traditional clothes.  Everything will be available at affordable prices, so there is no need to worry about the budget.


Get an unrivaled traveling experience by visiting Goa.

Travelers need a place to enjoy and discover new things in the busy world of today. Goa is a great option if you are looking for the most excellent place to visit in India with your pals and are organizing a trip. Uncovering travel experiences, novel locations, stunning beaches, and much more are all waiting for you to discover. Mumbai is almost 400 kilometers away from this state. Goa is an excellent option if you want to get away from the hectic lifestyle and traffic of the city. In terms of quality of life, it is the second-ranked state in India. If you would like to learn more about Goa, you can just read the information provided below.

What are places to Visit in Goa?

  • Panjim: Goa's capital is located on the southern left bank of the Mandovi River, which flows beside the town and creates a lovely backdrop. One of India's most picturesque state capitals is Panaji, formerly known as Panjim. This is a tiny yet beautiful city with bridges, tree-lined boulevards, and tiled rooftops. Under Portuguese dominion, it was also known as Nova Goa, or New Goa, for a brief while. The western Indian state is well-known for its colonial architecture, food, beaches, and laid-back way of life. 
  • Saligao: This town is located in North Goa. When you enter the city, you will see the coconut trees and picturesque houses. It is well-known for the 125-year-old parish church of Mae de Deus. The houses are connected in such a way that they look like a maze with greenery all around them. Due to outward migration, the villagers have lost their sugar plantations on a large scale in Portugal, East Africa, and Karachi, affecting the economic and cultural identity of Saligao.
  • Fontainhas: Fontainhas is located in North Goa, also known as the capital of Panjim's Latin quarters. You will see the touch of Portuguese in the city. The houses are made in Portuguese style. The Travelers can rent these villas for their stay. Portugal Essence is still available with lavish amenities in many local homestays. This town was once rich in coconut plantation that is owned by Joao Antonio de Sequeira, also known as Mossmikar. UNESCO has titled it as the heritage zone.
  • Dabolim: It is a small village in Goa that is 30 Km from Panjim. It has the total number of population is 6700. You will enjoy the fantastic beaches. Not only beaches but also the delicious and mouthwatering seafood for travelers. This town has one of the most famous bird centuries, known as the Salim Ali Bird Centuray. You will find rare species of birds. Dabolim Airport was built in 1950 by the Government of the Portuguese State of India on 249 acres of land. It is the only airport in the states that worked as a Civil enclave in the Military airbus was called INS Hansa.
  • Anjuna: This beach is situated 21 kilometers away from Panjim. Back in 1960, a group of travelers came here, and they started organizing parties during the dry season. In 1970, it attracted the attention of the Hippies. They combined the idea of art, spiritual tradition, and music to create a unique culture that still continues in Anjuna. When the travelers visit there they will enjoy some of the famous cafes and shacks. If you are planning to visit Anjuna, then the best time is between November and February, as the weather is delightful, and you will enjoy the outdoor activities over there.
  • Velha: This city is also known as Old Goa, and it is the original capital of Portuguese India. It abuts the Shah's palace, temples, and mosques. One of the most famous churches, the Basilica of Bom Jesus, was situated there. The body of Francis Xavier was shipped back to Goa after two years. It is believed that the saint's body is as fresh as it was on the day it was buried. The churches and Convents of Velha are on the heritage list of UNESCO and are homes of the kings, saints, and missionaries.
  • Vasco da Gama: Vasco da Gama is named by Portugues. In this town, travelers can enjoy the Goa festival. The grand carnival happens every year in February. In which everyone all around the world participates. At this festival, you will enjoy different games and also get to know about various cultures. You can also see the Naval Aviation Museum, where you will see multiple vintage aircraft. If you love traditional handicrafts, then it is the best place to buy them. The travelers also visit the numerous temples and, mosques, and monuments such as Cabo de Rama Buddhist caves.
  • Palolem Beach: If you have ever dreamed of seeing dolphins, then Palolem Beach is the best place. You can book the Goa Tourist Package, which includes dolphin spotting activities. The white sand beach and the calm water are perfect for swimming. If you want to enjoy the rain on the beach, June and July are the best months to visit. 
  • Baga Beach: This beach is renowned for its nightlife and best dine-in restaurants. You will get the best accommodation on this beach at the best price. If you are a party child, you must visit between October and March because the parties are held almost every night. This beach is called after Baga Creek, which means the Arabian Sea. 
  • Divar Island: It is a small Island in Mandovi River, about 10 Kilometers from Panjim. This place holds a rich heritage and culture. You will get to see various Hindu Temples that were built in the 18th century and also explore the hidden caves. It is famous for the mystical holy bathing site called Porne Tirth. To escape from the busy life and get peace of mind, it is one of the best places to visit. You will get different temples and churches.
  • Dona Paula: This beach is very famous as it is named after the daughter of Dona Paula de Menezes. She fell in love with the local fisherman, but her father denied their relationship. As a result, she fell off the cliff. You will see her statue over there. This beach is beautifully connected to the Zarruri River and Malndovi River.
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