Privacy Policy

We are committed to maintaining your privacy as it is paramount to us. Through the privacy, we have made information handling practices which are consistent with the best standards of several organizations which are running their business on the web.

This privacy policy narrates the practices which apply to the website which includes the information collected about you, the way we collect this information and where that information goes. has introduced the best privacy policy as we believe that our customers might get a know- how of this policy and about the practices so as to help you in making an informed decision about the extent of the usage of the facilities.

At, we do not collect your personal particulars such as your name, the email address, the mailing address, as well as the telephone number without your permission and knowledge. won’t disclose any of your personal information to the third parties until you allow us to disclose it or you are required to do it through law.

The company will let you view, correct and remove the personal information as well as other information related to the registration as the user of the site and will take valuable steps for protecting the security of personal information which is collected by you.

Examining the website content

If you are willing to visit our website, then you can explore it without revealing any kind of your personal information.

When anyone visits the site, we only gather the usage information but it is done anonymously and it is not attached to you in any way. After collecting this data, we use it for understanding some things such as the navigation process of our website and to know the number of visitors who arrive on some specific pages. The length as well as the frequency of the user who visits our website, varied searches of the database of our site, the kinds of computer operating systems and browsers used by the visitors and also the IP address through which the users make a connection to our website.

The information is gathered regularly through the Internet server software on a number of sites. uses these details to improve the content of the site and also to make it easy to use for example offering easier access to a large number of famous web pages.

Cookies and Pixel Tagging

We place a cookie or a pixel tag on the PCs of the users the time when the users visit our site or the site advertised by us.

These are just like small files of the computer which our computer device sends to your PC and your PC sends back to our company’s computer every time when you place a request through our site.

These files are very beneficial in collecting the data of the users and to help us in personalizing as well as improving your visiting experience on the sites. When you use the site, then your data is linked to personal information which you have selected to share with us once you register.

A large number of internet browsers accept the cookies automatically.

However, you can instruct the web browser by editing the options, to prevent accepting cookies or force you before receiving a cookie from your visited websites.

If you have decided not to receive our cookies, then your ability to use some features on a number of websites might be impaired.

You can gather much information about using the pixel tags, cookies and another kind of devices.the information gathering practices related to the network advertising partners by visiting

Third-party Advertisers

The internet marketing organizations advertise on the web and, at a future date, own third party advertisers on the website. These advertisers might use pixel tags as well as cookies to collect the information about some ads which you might have seen and the kind of things you are interested in.

At we are not supposed to share any type of personal information with the advertisers unless you are allowed a proper permission to do these things which are separated from the permission which you proffer while undergoing a registration procedure.

These advertisers go for the best usage of the information about your site visits and other variety of sites to offer advertisements about the related goods as well as services that you might be interested in. The privacy policy does not cover practices or policies related to these third party advertisers.

Personal Information

If you have decided to register with our company, then we can gather personal information about you which you can share with us on voluntarily. Our company collects personal information which is necessary for providing you with the services which are proffered on the site. As it is mentioned, this personal information includes a number of things such as mailing address, telephone address, email, and name.

Traveller Profile combines the personal information as well as other information which you can share with us which we can call ‘Traveller Profile’.

We can also add some data as to how you are using our website from your Traveler Profile. We might also gather information related to you from the external sources as well as add it to the Traveler Profile such as itineraries and e-tickets from the airline companies.

Our company collects and then use every information in the Traveller profile for improving our service quality and also your experience with our company.

Through the example, our company might use the information stored in the Traveler profile to (a)personalize the service which is provided to you, (b) make a communication with you in relation to the changes made in your travel plans, new features, service updates on the site and (c) divide the resources of the systems so that your experience of our site will be much efficient.


We provide you the option to receive as well as an opt-out from receiving the updates, promotions, and advertisements through an email.

If you have chosen to get the above items, then you will like them very much. In fact, we can use the information about the travel experiences and preferences for sharing the customized promotions, updates and advertisements with you which include the recommendations to you in relation to the travel specials. You can tell us if you are not willing to use the e-mail addresses for delivering you (1) our deals updates which highlights promotions, flight specials, and as well as other travel opportunities which are available on the site or sponsored by the travel service providers as well as advertisers; and/or (2) our monthly newsletter which highlights the contests, flight specials, sweepstakes, promotions, as well as other travel- related opportunities which exist on the site or sponsored by the travel service providers.

We are using varied methods which include a marketing and e-mail delivery company for sending the e- mails that you agree to receive.

Cookies and Pixel tags might be used in the e-mail messages & on our site for helping us to measure the efficacy of our advertising and to examine how the visitors are using our site.

On-line Surveys and Contests

We always welcome your opinions and comments. We can invite you, as the registered users of the site to take part in the online surveys, but it will be your final decision to participate in these surveys.

Every time you book, purchase or reserve the travel accommodations or services with the help of our site, then the traveling executive might ask you for the feedback based on the experience.

When you participate in such surveys, you can become anonymous until we tell you to be upfront. We might offer you an opportunity to win a large number of travel associated prizes by sponsoring some contests. You can choose to participate in any of the contests. If you have chosen to take part in such contests, then you can share some personal information with our company such as your e-mail address, mailing address, and name.

Participation in such contests might include participation in the on-line survey. We can only use the personal information by notifying you in case you are winning the contest.

Payment Information as well as Travel History

If you undergo a registration process with our company, then you will be able to reserve, purchase or book the travel services as well as accommodations through the site.

You need to offer payment information to our company such as some of your specifics such as cardholder name, billing address, expiration date and card number etc.

We can add the payment information with the user’s Traveller Profile We can keep the history of all types of your purchases, bookings and the reservations of the services and accommodations by way of the site in the Traveller Profile until you have chosen to edit the Traveller Profile which is mentioned below in this policy.

Itinerary changes & Travel Alerts

If you are willing to reserve, purchase or book travel services with the help of our site, then you have an alternative of receiving the updates of last minute about the travel arrangements, such as modifications in gate assignment or delays in the departure as well as arrival time.

These ‘Travel Alerts & Travel Itinerary’ can be received by others who choose through a pager, e-mail, cell phone, telephone, other wireless devices and so on.

If you have planned a Travel alert to someone, then we can gather personal information about other persons which is necessary to send the requested Travel Alert & Travel Itinerary ( i.e. the name of the person as well as the phone number or an email id).

You are supposed to ensure that each recipient of Travel Alert & Travel Itinerary is agreed, in advance, that their personal information can be disclosed to us for this cause.

Sharing of Personal Information

In general, our company only opens your security information to the travel providers which you plan to make any arrangements with the help of the site.

For instance, if you purchase or reserve a hotel room, rental car or airline ticket, we will proffer you with the car rental agency, hotel or airlines along with the information required for processing your transaction.

The company uses the reasonable efforts for ensuring that these travel providers will secure the personal information We make contact with other organizations to perform a wide array of functions which are necessary for operating our business- for an instant for the delivery of the tickets, processing of the credit cards and shipping of the items. We can share only personal information with these companies to complete your orders. These companies promise that they won’t disclose the personal information for any purpose.

We can not disclose any kind of personal information which is collected by you to others without any permission except in other circumstances.(a) for the protection of the security of the website as well as our rights under the Terms and Conditions.(b) for the protection of ourselves against the liability;(c) in response to the legal procedure, (d) If we have a good faith which the law requires or (e) in connection with a business or company sale (f) as required by the security regulations of the government.

We will always advise you when such types of unusual disclosures are planned It is to be remembered that you can select to request a number of services like special or religious diet meals or any type of health information might be deduced by the travel service provider and your permission is granted automatically for forwarding this type of information when you happen to make these kinds of special requests.

Further, any traveler to or from the US might have their data seized by U.S. Homeland Security Agency, which can be stored up to fifty years. This kind of information is shared with a number of other agencies of U.S. Government.

Corporate Travel

If you or anyone who is acting in place of you, buy(s) accommodations or travel services with the help of our site and (a)you, or someone who acts on your behalf, explain(s) us that your purchase is destined for corporate travel purposes, either by pointing in the booking path that this purchase is destined for corporate travel or indicate that the credit card is a corporate card and(b) the company has entered into the agreement with the corporation to proffer data on the purchase of accommodations or travel services by the personnel of the corporation. We can proffer your corporation through the personal information which is necessary for the company to track the corporate travel purchased on the site.

Other Travellers

If you have decided to book, purchase or reserve accommodations or travel services for other travelers who use your Traveler Profile, we can collect some particular personal information about these travelers. You are required to ensure that each of these travelers agrees, in advance, that you can open their personal information with us. We can retain a number of personal information of other travelers in your traveler profile.

Links to Other Sites

Our website proffers links to another kind of sites. Once you click on these links, then you are leaving our website and then entering other sites which we can’t control and for which we are not responsible. You can review the privacy policies or statements on another site which you visit because these privacy policies or these policies can apply to the visit of the users on that site and might differ from the policy. In few cases, for instance, the purchasing of travel insurance, our website will link you to the site of our partner where you might be asked to offer personal information. This privacy policy won’t cover the usage of the personal information by the other companies.

Our company encourages you to go through the privacy policy of our company before you sign up for any kind of services or products.

Changing or Removing your personal information or another kind of information We are dedicated to providing you complete control over the personal information. You can easily change or modify your password or any type of the personal information or another type of information in the Traveler profile, your personal information is changed, You are willing to modify the preferences related to the account or would want us to eliminate some or all types of personal information or any other information stored in the traveler profile. You can easily correct, make an update or eliminate the information as well as preferences you have exchanged with us by connecting with the travel consultants. If you request to eliminate any kind of personal information and another kind of information saved in the Traveler profile, then we can do that for you immediately. In this case, you won’t be using our services until you re-register.

Likewise, we can remove all kinds of the travel records within the 7 months after getting a request to do this.

This 7 month period is quite necessary for ensuring that travel arrangements made with the help of the site are accounted for allowing the redundancy of the CD-ROM backup system. We might not be able for honoring the request for removing the travel records or personal information if we are obligated for retaining the information or these records.

You won’t have the right ability for viewing, changing or removing session data or information which we have amassed from the third parties by way of the Traveler Profile unless you make any arrangements with them.

Some records, such as financial or taxation records are to be retained up to seven years and the company is obliged by the law to obey.

Notification of Changes

The company might change their privacy policy at regular intervals. If we plan to modify this policy in a material way ( for instance, a change in regard to the disclosure of the personal information), we should post the notice of site change or notify you through an email at the address which has been offered to us or pop-up screen 30 days before the change comes into effect.

If you have planned to change our policy in a less important way, then we can simply post notice related to the change which has been done on the site 30 days before when the change starts. If any type of proposed change is not acceptable to you, then you might request to remove the personal information from the records.

Combined Non-Personal Information

We might also combine the anonymous information which is provided by you as well as other users during the registration of the site with the information about your usage and other’s usage of the site. We can use the combined information for describing the user base without the reference of any potential partners, specific individual, advertisers, and investors.

We won’t share the personal information with any other user of the site, but we might use the information we gather about the travel preferences as well as experiences for making the recommendations to the other site users.

If we come to know that you or any other site user who has visited a particular tourist destination have had fantastic experiences at a certain hotel of that destination, then we can recommend this hotel to others who will travel to this destination.

We might also share some aggregated statistical information about the site users as well as our service as well as product offerings with other users who will travel to this particular destination. We promise that we won’t link this statistical data or information to any kind of other personal information for displaying your identification.

How your Information is Protected?

We are highly dedicated to safeguarding your information. For this reason, we hire experienced security technology professionals as well as utilize a comprehensive range of the high-quality security technology which is available in the market.

All your information is protected from the unauthorized access from the web through a prominent firewall technology, alarm systems, and virtual private networks.

Our company and its associates also secure the connection between the computer as well as our server from the eavesdropping by way of industry-standard encryption technology which is called as SSL. On the basis of the browser, this SSL have encryption keys up to 128 bits. To make sure that we fulfill the commitment for safeguarding your information, the company regularly assess novel technology for securing the information for ensuring that the information handling practices are just in sync with the best industry standards and excellent practices on the web at all the times.

Children and Minors

At, we believe that parents should carefully handle the online activities of their children and should also monitor the activities for ensuring the sites which are visited by their children or minor. Children and minors are not entitled to the registration of these services which are available on the website.

Contact Us

If you have any types of concerns and questions in regard to this policy or about the information handling practices of the company, then you might not be depressed and contact our company through the email We will try to respond to your concerns or questions within the 5 business days once we receive them.

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